Oglala Lakota singer / songwriter juQ releases music video “july” off his debut project “tempo” (The importance of the Winyan)

“Consistency & sincerity is something that can avidly get thrown around as if it is not something important when you present yourself in regards to having desires of bettering Oglala oyatekin and just native communities as a whole..” he says in a manner weary of the journey going forward. Continue reading

Power and Perception Exhibit Showcases Contemporary Native Artists

Many portraits of Indigenous people by non-Native artists romanticize, stereotype, or appropriate Native people and cultures. Contemporary Native artists are actively deconstructing these myths and preconceptions about their culture through the use of art. In fact, many modern-day artists use a dynamic combination of materials, methods and concepts that challenge traditional boundaries and defy easy definition. Continue reading

Sacajawea? Sacagawea? Sakakawea? Where She Came From And How Its Spelled by Dakota Wind

GREAT PLAINS – So, I’m from North Dakota. I was born and raised in Fort Yates, North Dakota, on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation. When I was in the eighth grade our Social Studies teacher, a hard-as-nails woman who always spoke through her teeth as though she had lockjaw, took the class through our North Dakota history units and drilled it into us that we were Teton Lakota and we should be proud of our heritage. Continue reading