Chase Iron Eyes


LRI-Tribal Government – Nation Building -Doctrine of Discovery

Chase Iron Eyes has demonstrated accumen, leadership and has presented at public events, colleges, high schools, community centers, and rallies around the nation in a wide array of fields including the Indian Mascot dilemma, civil, social media activism, media and education as tools for indigenous survival, the legal history of the Doctrine of Discovery, the Indian Child Welfare Act, and general youth motivational speaking as Chase was raised on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation and relates to potentially at risk populations. A major highlight of Lastrealindians early career is the work related to a first of its kind collective purchase of a sacred site in the Black Hills known as PeSla.

Chase has a B.S. in Political Science and Indian Studies and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. He is admitted to practice law before the Courts of South Dakota and several Tribal Courts. Chase is a member of the Bush Foundation’s Native Nation Rebuilders program. He leads and inspires by his actions and works directly at the community level, and internationally, to create positive change.

2 thoughts on “Chase Iron Eyes

  1. Proud to hear of a Lakota brother is helping to lift members of the Lakota Nation up to become strong and meet the challenges of a society that either show concern or give the help necessary for the People to succeed! All props to Chase Iron Eyes, may he continue to help the Nation!

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