Coco “Fresh” Villaluz


LRI-Tobacco Prevention

Traditional Tobacco use honors the Creator and is governed by cultural protocol for spiritual, ceremonial and cultural uses.

Manufactured/commercial tobacco addiction and product use causes sickness, disease and death in our communities and is governed by marketing protocols of addiction.

 VALUES that guide our work
The Values that guide our work are prayer, interdependence, humor, generosity, traditions, caring, acknowledging ancestors, respecting ourselves, each other, our environment and all our relations.

Additionally, we work from the perspective of self-discipline, respect, insight, integrity, humilty, strength and flexibilty with the goal of creating holistic health for Indigenous families and communities.

We carry on the traditions of bravery, resilience, purity, clarity, honesty, committment, unity and our cultural knowledge. We are focused and able. We have stamina and embody these values in our relationships as well as our work. We honor our elders and are mindful of the generations to come.

  • To advocate our mission and values to the larger indigenous wellness movement.
  • To promote Indigenous community wellness.
  • To be a stronger, united voice at all levels.
  • To support culturally relevant activities.
  • To promote voice, vision and values of responsible use of sacred and ceremonial medicines in our communities.
  • To develop resources to empower our communities to arrest addiction to tobacco for profit products.
-CoCo “Fresh” Villaluz

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