Denny Gayton

denny profile

LRI-Native Epistemology

Denny has training in archaeology, physics, and resource management.  He is derisively known to peers as the Indian Einstein. Denny is a Lakota language professor, writer and runner. Denny presents to all audiences about “Indians” and Science with a focus on North American Tribal Natural History.  He presents case examples for analyzing North American data with relevant sciences: astronomy; geology; paleontology; atmospheric sciences; paleo-biology; genetics; geomorphology. North American tribal knowledge is treated as data, which Indians and non-Indians alike can subject to various scientific examinations – the devil being in plural hypotheses. How do we understand the body of knowledge Native North Americans have bequeathed to us?  Do we continue to demonstrate that Native North Americans have knowledge – or are we satisfied with the remark that it is simply a beautiful way of looking at the world?

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