Votan Henriquez

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We are living in a globalized world where information that took months to reach the masses, now takes seconds on a smart phone. We really don’t need a major corporate campaign telling us what is marketable and what is in style. The more time goes by, the easier it is to become self-sufficient. This is where, like our predecessors, we cease the time. Much information from the indigenous perspective has been disseminated for the last 500 years. Traditional knowledge and wisdom has been published via websites, books, workshops and other social media. Our contribution in this transformation of consciousness is in the arts.

My name is Votan Henriquez, and because of my understanding of consciousness, it is difficult for me to speak in singular form. Our company, nsrgnts, started in 1999 and materialized in 2000. The idea behind nsrgnts is to represent an entity which not only offers a physical item to be purchased, but also allows for the transmission of indigeous thought and philosophy. We believe that oral tradition can now be expressed and spread through what we create. In a world where evidently we see despair, apathy, complacency, and much more careless human behavior, we believe in challenging that state of mind and offering a different perspective. One that will be inclusive of all here now, and not a divisive and alienated view of the world.

When I speak about myself, im speaking as a small part of a greater ancient source. The source of all our relations. Without you, there is no us.

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