‘I Remember’ part 3 by Rae Rose

3rd Memory

I am sure they can hear my ragged breath and pounding heart. I am afraid.

Can they smell my fear?

My heart is pounding I can feel all the fear, and resentment merging, growing, becoming beyond my control. In this moment I am a warrior. I want this fight. Even if I die here, they will remember me. Continue reading

‘I Remember’ part 1 by Rae Rose

In the inipi, amongst the heat and haze of smoke, a grandfather speaks to me.

There are voices, these voices penetrate the darkness. They seem to pull at me, but I cannot understand what they say or want. Are they chanting? Or are they singing? Light and dark begin to dance in chaos around me. Continue reading

The New Assimilated American by Nicole Montclair-Donaghy

My name is Kampeska Cinkila Win, Lakota for “Little Shell Woman.” My English name is Nicole Montclair-Donaghy. I’m an enrolled member of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. I’ve long debated whether or not to share this piece. I believe that our stories should be shared, as they are a part of all of our histories as humans. Continue reading