Shame Can’t Live Where Dignity Does by Cliff Taylor

One time when I was little I bowled three strikes in a row; a turkey! I was so excited; it was so cool! The little boy of me turned around in my goofy, slippery bowling shoes and made some happy noise and then my dad quickly shut me down, getting me to quiet down real fast, essentially telling me something like, “Don’t be making a show of it. Don’t brag. Be quiet.” Continue reading

Grandpa Sammy by Cliff Taylor

When I was in my early twenties spirits started coming to me in my dreams, old indians, animals, little people, and others. I was lucky and had a bunch of relatives around me who were into the old culture and they taught me up some and made me feel mostly okay with what was happening; it was pretty scary but it was a good time, putting me on the journey that I’m on today. Continue reading