66 Things I’ve Experienced As An Indian Part 5 by Cliff Taylor

21. Denny’s mom telling us a story in Selfridge- “And then he said, ‘Mom, am I going to be the only Indian in my class again?’” We all start laughing, Denny just shakes his head and continues combing his son’s hair. (In middle school watching Loveline on MTV with my friends, the guest, Poe, wearing a tight t-shirt that says, “Mommy, What’s a Sex Pistol?”) Continue reading

66 Things I’ve Experienced As An Indian Part 4 by Cliff Taylor

32. I’m at the park with this Winnebago college student I met when she was the lone Native student in an Indian Studies class I talked to (I always tell people, “I talk about what it’s like to be an Indian living in the modern world.”). We’re on this dock, looking out over the mostly thawed lake. “Do you think I should jump in?” she asks. Continue reading