Faith Spotted Eagle Speaks on Settler Colonialism with Longhouse Media

Faith Spotted Eagle (Dakota: Tunkan Inajin Win[1] or Tȟuŋkáŋ Inážiŋ Win “Standing Stone”; born 1948) is a Native American activist. She is a member of the Yankton Sioux Nation who helped block development of the Keystone XL pipeline and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Continue reading

Longhouse Media a 10 – year Retrospective

Since January 2005, the mission of Longhouse Media has been to catalyze indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change.  They have served 2,700 students and made 360 films over the past ten years. Continue reading

Nettles: Generations of Traditional Knowledge by Longhouse Media

We call the plants the First People. They were the first created in our oral tradition before the animals, before the fish, before the birds, and their duty was to hold the earth together and live their life as a teaching for those who would be created in the future. Continue reading

Our Home by Longhouse Media

The people of the Suquamish Tribe see themselves as people of the water, dependent on the Puget Sound and the animals that thrive in it, but the sound now has one of the highest acidity rates in the nation. Ocean acidification is threatening the lives of the fish and the way of life of the Suquamish people. Continue reading