Buy Native! Support Native owned businesses

Across Turtle Island, Native entrepreneurs have been creating some of the most unique and innovative businesses and products. From clothing and fashion wear to health and beauty products these inspired Natives are opening the door to economic development for tribal communities. LRInspire highlights several Native businesses we all need to be supporting. Continue reading

Longhouse Media a 10 – year Retrospective

Since January 2005, the mission of Longhouse Media has been to catalyze indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change.  They have served 2,700 students and made 360 films over the past ten years. Continue reading

Support wool blankets by a Native owned company

Eighth Generation is a Seattle-based small business, founded when Louie Gong (Nooksack) began customizing shoes with cultural art. In seven years, Eighth Generation has grown into a brand recognized for products that showcase art created by “Inspired Natives.” Now we’re about to launch our first line of beautiful, high quality, 100% wool blankets designed by Native artists. Continue reading

Today’s Native Warriors

The Northwest region’s Native community is vibrant, and a force to be reckoned with.  From art and education to social services and political advocacy, KCBS recently featured some of the leaders empowering the Native experience. Continue reading