‘I Remember’ part 1 by Rae Rose

In the inipi, amongst the heat and haze of smoke, a grandfather speaks to me.

There are voices, these voices penetrate the darkness. They seem to pull at me, but I cannot understand what they say or want. Are they chanting? Or are they singing? Light and dark begin to dance in chaos around me. Continue reading

Dying in Seattle by Rae Rose

Icy tears fall from the heavens; they melt and mingle with my own.   The early morning seems devoid of life, so desolate and alone.  Here I lay staring into a star filled sky.

Tonight is a night magically alight with stars and snow.  This winter morning is strangely surreal, wonderfully beautiful.  From where I lay a cloud of misted breath rises to mingle with icy white snow. Continue reading

Trickster Tales: April Fool’s by Rae Rose

I love mischief and well played pranks, therefore I love April fool’s day! It is a day when the natural prankster (Me!) can lay out mischief all within the spirit of the day. A natural trickster at heart it is the day that suits me best. Memories for the making, from laughter shared. This story is about my best ever April fool’s prank and my downfall as the number one prankster. Continue reading

Rez Genie by Rae Rose

Once upon a street, off an old reservation road, there was a lonely desolate home.  In this lonely house lived a homely, lonely old lady.  She lived with her only companion a cat.  The woman drank heavily to ease her loneliness and wile away her days.  She drank so much her cellar had become littered with bottles from all over.  She herself was not sure of where and when most of these bottles had appeared. Continue reading