Our focus on the healing and health of Native America continues to bring about positive changes today…while clearing the path for a more rewarding and fulfilling tomorrow.

Suicide Prevention 

  • The suicide rate for American Indians/Alaska Natives was 10.84 per 100,000, higher than the overall US rate of 10.75.
  • Adults aged 25-29 had the highest rate of suicide in the American Indian/Alaska Native population, 20.67 per 100,000.
  • Suicide ranked as the eighth leading cause of death for American Indians/Alaska Natives of all ages.
  • Suicide ranked as the second leading cause of death for those from age of 10 to 34.

Dibetes Prevention 

American Indians and Alaska Natives are clearly at greater risk. Educate yourself on how to prevent type 2 diabetes if you don’t have it now, or how to effectively treat it if you’ve been diagnosed

  • 2.2 times higher — Likelihood of American Indians and Alaska Natives to have diabetes compared with non-Hispanic whites
  • 68% — Percent increase in diabetes among American Indian and Alaska Native youth aged 15-19 years
  • 95% — Percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives with diabetes who have type 2 diabetes (as opposed to type 1 diabetes)
  • 30% — Estimated percent of American Indians and Alaska Natives who have pre-diabetes

Tobacco Prevention

  • To advocate our mission and values to the larger indigenous wellness movement.
  • To promote Indigenous community wellness.
  • To be a stronger, united voice at all levels.
  • To support culturally relevant activities.
  • To promote voice, vision and values of responsible use of sacred and ceremonial medicines in our communities.
  • To develop resources to empower our communities to arrest addiction to tobacco for profit products.