The Montana State Legislature Passes Bill to Fund Native Language Programs

On April 23rd, the Montana State Legislature passed a bill that will provided funding for Native American immersion language programs in public schools. Continue reading

Learning to Speak Łingít (Tlingit) Greetings

Tlingit is a language indigenous to Southeast Alaska, Northwestern British Columbia, and Southwestern Yukon. It is one branch of the massive Na-Dene language family, the other being Eyak-Athabascan. Recent studies estimate there are approximately 225 speakers of the language today, and this text is part of a larger movement dedicated to increasing that number. Continue reading

Learning to Speak Łingít (Tlingit)

LRInspire language revitalization presents: Learning to Speak Łingít (Tlingit) with nahaan. LRInspire supports the revitalization of our various Indigenous languages. In addition to Native language learning material in Lakota, Lushootseed, & Pauite, we are proud to now offer Łingít (Tlingit). Continue reading

Download free Lakota word search #1

We are excited to announce the release of our Lakota language word search. Word searches can be a fast and fun way to learn new vocabulary for language learners of all ages. Download and print your free Lakota language word search and check out the corresponding audio. Continue reading