Navajo golfer Rickie Fowler is a fast-rising star By Brandon Ecoffey*

Finding accurate portrayals of Native people on any media format is often a difficult task to accomplish. In the world of sports where any deviation from the norm seems to be both a marketing opportunity and a chance to exploit, the Professional Golf Association has quietly employed two Native Americans as knowledgeable experts, unique personalities, and not as caricatures. Continue reading

THE PEOPLE – a Short Film by Indigenous Filmmakers

Native filmmakers from Pine Ridge have recently launched a campaign to bring forth the voices of Native peoples by telling “our own stories, rich in our culture and heritage, and to produce and share them with the world” and seek to produce their first short film The People. Continue reading

Native language learning strategies: Táku lúha hwo/he? by Matt Remle*

Losing the language means losing the culture. We need to know who we are because it makes a difference in who our children are.” — Dottie LeBeau

In efforts to both revitalize and revive our unique and beautiful traditional languages we need to be creative in our approaches to do so, especially with our wakȟáƞheža (children). Study after study has shown that the earlier a child is exposed to languages the easier it will be for them to both learn and use them. This is especially important when looking at the survival of our traditional Native languages. Continue reading

Honor Totem: John T. Williams Wokiksuye by Matt Remle

On August 30th, 2010 carver John T. Williams (Ditidaht) life was cut short when Seattle police office Ian Birk shot him four times leaving him to die on the streets of Seattle. Outrage to the incident was immediate from the greater Seattle Native community, as well as, from members of other communities of color in Seattle who too have suffered from Seattle police brutality and violence. Continue reading